Clean-shaven Caps Raised $10,095 in Movember

Posted December 3, 2011

The results are in, and while the Caps weren’t able to lead the NHL in Movember fundraising for a second straight year, they did raise over $10,000 for men’s health with their impressive facial hair antics. Noteworthy mustaches were replaced with bare faces for Thursday’s match against the Penguins, and as retro chic as mustaches are, it’s good to have the guys back to normal.

Movember by the numbers:

Caps total fundraising to date: $10,095 (4th in the NHL)

Caps biggest fundraiser: John Carlson, $2,652 (11th overall in the NHL)

NHL total fundraising to date: $209,279

NHL biggest fundraiser: Chris Shewfelt, $9,029

Check out photos of the clean-shaven Caps below. Also no longer sporting a mustache? New head coach Dale Hunter, though I couldn’t find a Movember page for him. And it’s not too late to make a donation — visit to donate on Movember team captain Jason Chimera‘s page.

Karl Alzner raised $1,118 in Movember (Photo by Nicole Weissman)

John Erskine, last Movember MVP, raised a solid $1,100 this year (Photo by Nicole Weissman)


Though I couldn't find Dale Hunter's Movember page, it can't be coincidence that he arrived in Washington with a mustache but showed up for the Caps-Pens game clean-shaven. Looking good, Dale! (Photo by Nicole Weissman)