Photos of The Baltimore Hockey Classic

Posted September 23, 2011

I had the privilege and honor of being in attendance this past Tuesday for the Baltimore Hockey Classic with our Washington Capitals playing the Nashville Predators in the first preseason game of the season. Now being how this is the first game at 1st Mariner Arena since 1997, obviously there would be certain hickups, one of which was the ice surface. Some compared it to the Winter Classic this past January up in Pittsburgh when the Caps played the Penguins in the rain. Also the benches were tiny. It looked as if the players were packed like a can of sardines, plus the back up goalies had to sit out by the entrance way to the ice. But let’s get away from the negatives and let’s look at the positives.

For one, Rod Langway was on hand to do a ceremonial puck drop before the game, where also a Washington Capitals staffer fell while walking on the ice over to the ceremonial puck drop. And despite poor ice conditions and the rising heat levels throughout the night, both teams played one hell of a game, and a physical one at that. Both teams were very willing to bang bodies in this very close affair which resulted in a Predators 2-0 win over the Capitals.

One of the great sites I got to see during the game was the line of Cody Eakin, Stanislav Galiev, and Chris Bourque. These three young men were tearing it up out there and played with great chemistry. And from time to time, Alex Ovechkin joined Eakin and Galiev on the ice. Now here are a few pics I took of the game:

After looking back it now, despite the downers with the playing surface, it was a good game overall and the fans in Baltimore are very awesome to be around. And who knew that any of them would recognize me as Caps Tattoo Guy right when I got out of the parking lot. My hats off to the fans of Baltimore and I hope we get to do this again next year.

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