CCM’s Crazy Ovie Curve Stick

Posted April 6, 2011

No matter how much you like Alex Ovechkin, you will become a worse hockey player if you use CCM’s Crazy Ovie Curve stick. This item is better suited for serving ice cream than shooting a hockey puck.

“But Ovie uses it!” you say. “So I must have it!” Then prepare to drop more than $200 and shoot high and wide. You’re better off using a Sherwood.

One frustrated customer sold it back to the store he bought it from for a fraction of the price. For Sports Pro Shop in Laurel, MD., doesn’t even carry the item due to the silliness of the curve.

The one good thing about the stick is that it’s light as a feather. Crazy light, in fact. If you like that, and still require Ovie’s name on the product, then you’re in luck. CCM also sells a useful version of the stick, without the crazy curve.

Now, let’s see if they come out with a junior version of this stick, so your kids will beg for one and train themselves to shoot like Ovechkin.

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