Ted vs. On Frozen Blog

Posted July 3, 2010

Ted Leonsis isn’t pleased with the folks at On Frozen Blog regarding an article about the free agent (or lack thereof) signings by the Caps recently. Here’s the rundown:

  1. OFB wrote Storm Clouds Forming in the East the other day, obviously talking about the Caps and what, basically, they haven’t done recently.
  2. Ted countered with Time Will Tell, a post about OFB’s article.
  3. Tonight, OFB wrote Ted, Shall We Have a Wager on Next Spring? where pucksandbooks is wagering $500 to a charity of Ted’s choice to a Hawaiian vacation if the Devils, Flyers, or Penguins knock the Caps out of the 2011 playoffs.
  4. We’ll keep an eye on Ted to see if he accepts the challenge.

Capitals Outsider may not be involved in this epic battle, but our money is always with the Caps! (Sorry, OFB, our TBD brothers!).