In the Playoffs, Fans Only Remember the Last Game

Posted April 24, 2010

The Flyers have advanced. The Penguins have advanced. But where are the top-seeded Capitals? They’re in a struggle with the eighth-seeded Canadiens, who just beat them 2-1 and are headed back to Montreal for Game 6.

Why is it in the playoffs things seem only as bad as the last game played? After Game 1, I was hearing whispers of SERIES OVER, which continued until the final five minutes of Game 2. With the series headed back to Montreal, you’ve gotta figure the Canadiens will win at least one at home. Meanwhile, teams that had worse records than the Caps beat teams with better records than the Canadiens, which doesn’t body well for Washington.

Bottom line? This isn’t looking good at all. So what if the Capitals have a 3-2 series lead and Montreal barely hung on to win Game 5? The no. 1 seed vs. the no. 8 seed is supposed to be a cake-walk. If this series is knocking Washington’s teeth out (with apologies to Eric Belanger), what’ll the next have in store?

The Capitals need to win Game 6 in a blowout to restore faith in themselves and the fans. Only then will we ‘believe’ again.