Capitals Become Must-See TV

Posted February 10, 2010

Who can ask for more intense games to watch than those that the Caps have played recently? Down 4-1 on national television to the Penguins, only to win it in overtime, and down 5-2 going into the third period to Montreal and losing with 7 seconds left in overtime… This hockey is about as good as the regular season gets. Maybe not as good as a couple of years ago when the Caps had to win the majority of their final games to make the playoffs, but with a long winning streak on the line it is certainly interesting (let’s face it – a winning streak isn’t the same as the Stanley Cup so don’t get heart-broken over this).

While it’s obviously a problem for the Capitals that they’re giving up leads, the fact that they have enough power to come back from multi-goal deficits with more than half the game gone is thrilling to watch for any sports fan. These recent games make hockey great to watch, and it’s what the sport needs across the board for higher television ratings. Go Caps.