Be Like Matt Hendricks! Support “Defending the Blue Line!”

Posted February 10, 2012

Anyone who’s watched NHL Network this season has seen our very own Matt Hendricks featured in ads for Defending the Blue Line (DTBL).  It’s a nonprofit whose stated intent is to help the children of armed service members stick with hockey programs, and every year it touches the lives of thousands of families.  What’s less well known is that the organization was recently named a finalist in the Joining Forces Community Challenge.

The challenge recognizes outstanding effort in providing support to the military community, and finalist status makes DTBL eligible for several judged awards, as well as a People’s Choice award.  On that note, here’s the obligatory, and well-deserved, plug: Vote Now & Vote Daily! Balloting for the People’s Choice Award continues through the end of February!

Here’s a bit more information on DTBL, in case you’re in that subpopulation who wants to know what you’re being asked to endorse before actually clicking a link or signing on the dotted line (or in case you’re just curious):

The organization itself has been endorsed by both players and teams within the National Hockey League (the list of includes Matt Hendricks and the Washington Capitals, with a notable mention to former Caps Head Coach Bruce Boudreau as well).  They’ve also been the recipient of grants through the NHLPA Goals & Dreams Fund.

They’re active in communities across the country, providing support to military families in a variety of ways.  Some of that support is financial – grants to defray the cost of league fees, spaces in hockey camps, and tickets to NHL games.  Other parts are logistical, such as coordinating rides for children who would otherwise be unable to attend practices and providing equipment.

As with all nonprofits, Defending the Blue Line is always accepting donations of both time and money.  For more information, you can visit their website ( or follow them on twitter (@DefTheBlueLine).  The organization is headquartered in Hastings, Minnesota.

M. Richter

M. Richter

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M. Richter