Caps Global Fan Series- Della Young (Virginia)

Posted March 1, 2020

For Virginia resident Della Young, following the Capitals has opened up opportunities to combine two of her favorite things: Hockey and writing. A full-time online university student, who is studying entertainment and film writing, Della has joined the team at NoVa Caps and has been able to combine her passion for hockey with her daily work. Growing up in the entertainment industry as an actress, Della now possesses a love of sports and writing with the Capitals being number one!

“When I was younger, I remember leaving D.C. from acting class. On the way home, my Dad and I were listening to the Capitals game on the radio and I heard John Walton’s call when Washington won” she said. Back then, Della did not give hockey a second thought and wished she had appreciated the radio call more. He connection to the Capitals was obviously meant to be as in March 2018, she fell in love with the sport of hockey and followed the Capitals’ run to the Stanley Cup. “I cried when they won the Stanley Cup in the final” she said. “I felt like a new door had opened up and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it” she continued.

As a relatively new Capitals follower, Della has enjoyed some of the recent thrills and stories within the organisation. From the Caps finally overcoming Pittsburgh in the Stanley Cup Playoffs to Alex Ovechkin’s incredible Gretzky chase. “I follow the team because of their incredible story” she said. “I may be part of the newer generation of fans, but I love learning more about the organisation and watching the boys take the ice at Capital One Arena” she said. She describes game day atmosphere as a one of kind experience which can create unforgettable memories.

Beginning to follow Capitals hockey at the height of their success has been an experience to remember for Della and she has loved being able to connect with other fans at practices and games. “There is so much involvement from the fans” she said. “When everyone shares a common interest, you get to meet people from all over and end up as friends” she continued.

The Capitals are well known for their incredible connection to the local community and selfless nature and this is something which Della respects and enjoys most about the organisation. “I love how the organisation is so involved with the community and the notion of giving back” she said. “It’s great to see all of the events and charities which the Capitals host and take part in” she continued.

Della is proud to be a part of the new generation of Capitals fans and is passionate about the team and their connection to DC and surrounding areas. “In the end, they’re my hometown team that has a rich history and a special story” she said.