Caps Global Fan Series- Kris Rudorf (Maryland, USA)

Posted February 2, 2020

Kris Rudorf  is part of the generation that grew up with names such as Peter Bondra, Olaf Kolzig, Adam Oates and Dale Hunter. Kris was introduced to hockey through his parents and sister from a very young age. These players were his idols and the Capitals were the pinnacle of sport for Kris and his family,

Kris is now 32 years old, a plumber by trade and resides in St Mary’s County Maryland with his family.

“I can now pass on the love I have for the team to my kids” he said. “I can watch them grow their love for their game as well as our hatred for Crosby and the Penguins.” Suffice to say, Penguins games aren’t seen in the Rudorf house (except when they are playing the Capitals, of course).

For Kris, being a hockey and Capitals fan is part of life and is something which has and always will be very special to him and his family. In a bittersweet moment for him and his family, Kris’ brother passed away the day before the Capitals claimed the Stanley Cup in 2018. For Kris, it was a moment he will never forget.

“Although we didn’t get to celebrate the way I wanted to, we still celebrated,” he said. The memories of growing up loving Capitals hockey will no doubt be treasured by Kris and his family.

So what makes being a Capitals fan so great for Kris? “The team always does so much with and for the community,” he said. “They are really great guys and always willing to please fans” he continued. “Plus, the atmosphere inside Capital One Arena! The goal horn and siren are the best” he concluded.

For Kris, Capitals hockey is more than a game and an organization. It is an experience filled with memories and excitement. It is something which is special for him and his family and will no doubt continue to be for many years to come.

Stay tuned next week for our third Global Caps Fan Series Feature!

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