Welcome Back, Shane Gersich and Brian Pinho!

Posted May 20, 2019

Gersich (Caps Outsider)

The Caps announced Monday that they re-signed Shane Gersich to a one-year, two-way contract. He’ll likely be playing mostly with the Bears, but it would be a much-needed treat if he played well in Washington and retained his spot. The deal will pay the 22-year-old $700,000/$115,000, with a guaranteed minimum salary of $125,000. He scored 24 points with the Bears this past season, his first in the pros. Before that he played with the University of North Dakota. The Capitals selected Gersich in the 5th round, 134th overall, in 2014. He also was present when the Caps won the Stanley Cup. Read this great article about him from The Washington Post.

The Caps also announced that they re-signed Brian Pinho to a one-year, two-way contract.

Brian Pinho (Caps Outsider)