Caps Fan Needs Your Retweets

Posted July 25, 2017

Back in May, the NHL announced that the Washington Capitals would be playing the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium as part of their set of “Stadium Series” games. With any outdoor game, there generally comes a special hockey jersey worn by each team to commemorate the moment. The unveiling of the jerseys will come at a later date but Caps fan Amanda Powers decided to see if she could race the clock and get Adidas to give her a free jersey if she got enough “retweets” prior to the unveil.

After a couple tweets they finally responded stating that the new jersey is “a pretty special sweater” and that she would need to get 200,000 retweets in order for them to give her one. Right now she is at 29 but obviously things like this can spread like wildfire. The catch however, is that there is no time set for when Adidas will be unveiling the Stadium Series jerseys so for now she is up against an imaginary clock. Only time will tell, but hopefully Caps fans can help give her a boost to get her that jersey!