Dedicated Stingrays Fan, Ms. Eleanor, Dies at 96

Posted June 29, 2017

via the Stingrays

Eleanor Ann Spradlin, commonly known as simply “Ms. Eleanor” passed away on Wednesday at the age of 96. Spradlin has been a longtime season ticket holder and a “passionate part of Stingrays Hockey since the franchise was introduced in 1993,” the Stingrays said in a Facebook post.

“She was also a member of the team’s booster club and served a prominent role for many years,” said Stingrays Director of Communications Jared  Shafran. “Even at age 96 this year, she was at every home game except for a few when she had health issues. She was very close with our team president and former Stingray Rob Concannon and had a great relationship with him and other former Stingray players.”

Goalie Adam Carlson and Tim McGauley had some nice words to say after hearing the news Thursday at Capitals development camp.

“That is awful” said Carlson. “It was awesome to have a fan that supportive. Knowing that there’s diehard fans like that is kind of incredible.  You don’t really understand how much a team means to someone until you meet someone like that.”

Said McGauley: “She was a great lady. I would say she was the biggest fan the Stingrays had. She was definitely a person that brought light to the room and to the boys. She always had a smile on her face and that is what I am going to remember about her most.”

Ms. Eleanor would often come to the games early and help pass out programs to the fans coming in.