Caps Unveil New Alternate Jersey

Posted June 23, 2015

On Tuesday, the Washington Capitals unveiled their new alternate jersey, shown above. But let’s also take this opportunity to look at all the old ones.

These were worn from 1974-75, during the Caps inaugural season.

The following year, the Caps decided just to wear the blue pants and kept the same general look until 1995.

In 1995, the Caps went for a whole new look. Electing to go with black, bronze, and a lighter blue.

In 1997, the Caps stripped the word “Capitals” from the white jersey but not the blue. In addition, they added the black jersey as an alternate.

After 5 years, the Caps got rid of the blue.

In 2007, the Caps went retro and reestablished the red, white, and blue as the official colors. Rock the Red was born.

After the 2011 WC, the caps adopted the jersey as their alternate road jersey. Heavily used this season.

Credit to for the pictures.

On September 23, the Caps released their jerseys for the 2015 WC. Via @CapitalsPR

Now, here is the new Washington Capitals’ alternate jersey.  Via @washcaps.

I was hoping for the old blue jerseys to make a return with the new eagle, but I like these new jerseys. However, it would’ve been nice if the Caps unveiled it with their first round pick.