Playoff Beards For Everyone!

Posted May 6, 2015

Having a playoff beard is pretty important in the NHL.

Teams have collectively grown beards since the 80s. It’s like wearing a furry good luck charm right on your face.

The Caps can grow some mean playoff beards. Karl Alzner is pretty good at hockey, but he actually might be better at growing hair on his face. Braden Holtby’s beard looks like it is about to consume his face. Even the new guys, Tim Gleason and Curtis Glencross, can grow a great deal of fuzz on their chins.

But some Caps aren’t very good at growing playoff beards. Even Andre Burakovsky is aware of his lack of beard.

He’s not alone. There are quite a few guys on this team that can’t seem to grow a decent beard. So we here at Capitals Outsider would like to give our more hair folliclely-challenged Caps a confidence booster.