Caps Fans Upbeat About Playoffs

Posted April 12, 2015

After the game, Kuzy and Ovi give away their jerseys to selected fans. (Caps Outsider)

It was painful when the Caps failed to qualify for the playoffs during the 2013-2014 season, but fans have recovered and are more than excited and ready for the playoffs this season.  With Alex Ovechkin, Nick Backstrom, and Braden Holtby having solid seasons, the team appears totally equipped for post season play. The Caps’ hosted Fan Appreciation Day 2015 at the Verizon Center Saturday afternoon and fans were enthusiastic and willing to share their thoughts about their heroes on ice.

Dave Wright of Silver Spring, Md. has been a Caps fan since 1981 and had a lot to say about the Caps advancing to the playoffs.

“I think they’re ready.  I think they have more depth defensively with the addition of Matt Niskanen and Brooks Orpik.  They were the best acquisitions this year,” said Wright.  “The Pittsburgh Penguins may not even make the playoffs this year partly because the Caps got their two best defenders.”

“I hope they’re ready,” said Russell Sage, a season ticket holder from Charles County, Md. “This year I’ve been impressed with more consistency of  play.  I also think that Nick Backstrom does so much for the team and he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.”

Manda Kowalczyk of Arlington, Va has been impressed with the resiliency of the offense and the defense this year.

“I think the Caps are ready,” said Kowalczyk. “I think the Islanders are going to be tough, but if the Caps can make it through the first round, I think they can go all the way.”

Season ticket holder, Beth Eubanks of Washington, DC also added to Kowalczyk’s thoughts, “I have been coming to the games since the year before Ovi came to Washington.  I have seen a lot of coaches, but I think Barry Trotz has made a big difference–especially in Ovi.  He looks more confident and powerful this year after working with Trotz.  He’s more of a team player.”

The fans think the Caps are ready but what does Coach Trotz think, especially after the Caps lost their final regular season contest to the Metropolitan division leader?  He commented after the game.

“We were not real sharp today,” said Coach Trotz.  “But whatever happens, happens. We ‘ve got to let it go.  We need to get off to a great start in every playoff game.”

“We are comfortable playing in either place,” Trotz added regarding the pending location of the Caps’ first playoff game against the New York Islanders.  “I’ve gone in as a favorite and as an underdog. We got a good mix of players.  I think we go into the playoffs even with other teams.  We can play with the best of them.”

Fans are certainly looking forward to it!  Let’s Go Caps!


Fans give their thoughts on the playoffs. (Caps Outsider)