Everyone on the Caps is Sad

Posted March 14, 2015

After their 4-2 loss to the Dallas Stars, a loss in which they were completely outplayed by a team that had played just the night before, the Caps held a top secret players only meeting. No one was allowed to know what was said.

“It’s tough to explain unless you are in the room without spilling what we said in the room to you guys. ,” Troy Brouwer said. “I’ll just leave it at we all know we have to be better.”

The team looked like a collective mess. Braden Holtby wasn’t himself, letting in four goals, the defense looks unorganized, Tom Wilson’s taking penalties in situations where the Caps really can’t afford to take penalties. They just need to collectively reorganize, take a deep breath, and play the game they know how to play.

“It has to happen within the room,” Barry Trotz said. “The group has to solve it. They have to solve it, and I’m part of it. We all have to solve it, but it really comes from the guys in the room. Let’s get going here. I need some urgency in our room. Dallas is playing playoff hockey, there’s no question about it. We need to play playoff hockey and we’re not, not to the level that we need to.”

One guy that is trying to play playoff hockey is a the guy they acquired at the deadline, Curtis Glencross. Glencross has five points in just four games with the Capitals, more than everyone on the team in that four game stretch. But the Caps aren’t winning. They’ve lost three of their last four games, and their lone win came against the Buffalo Sabres, a team that’s main goal is literally lose games.

One other player who had a solid game after being tossed into a fire was Justin Peters. Peters spoke about how his team is going to get out of the funk.

“I think as individuals, you need to prepare a certain way,” Peters said. “You need to do what you need to do to make sure your ready as an individual, and in turn, you will help the team.”

That quote just makes Peters sound lost. He doesn’t know how to turn the team around. It’s up to everyone to individually know how to turn their own game around.

It was pretty much the most deflating locker room you could ever walk into. Everyone was just filled with sulkiness and a little bit of sadness.

Everyone needs to just cheer up. Here’s a collection of videos to make everyone cheer up a bit.