It’s That Time Again, Caps Fans!

Posted October 9, 2014

It’s Slapshot, in balloon form! Sculpture by Julie Zauzmer.

Can you feel it? The anticipation is palpable.  Arrivederci Washington baseball, keep the faith Washington football, but it’s hockey time in the nation’s capital.  On Thursday, anxious fans will witness a very different Washington Capitals hockey team.  Being absent from the playoffs last season didn’t sit too well with them, and they have been waiting six long months for redemption.  Anyone that attended a preseason game could see the conviction in their eyes and feel the determination of the players and coaches.

Fans are primed and ready, too. With plenty of time to shake off the lack-of-playoff-blues, fans want to make some noise and rock the red because there is absolutely nothing like a hockey game—especially at Verizon Center.

Upon arrival, fans will be greeted by members of the Red Rocker spirit squad. They are the ambassadors of fun and excitement at Caps’ games leading fans in rousing cheers.  The Red Rockers, accompanied by their fine feathered friend, the Caps’ mascot Slapshot, will make sure everyone is having a good time.  Erin Magee, the vivacious In-Arena Host will keep fans engaged and entertained during intermissions with awesome games, giveaways and interviews. Diehard superfans like Goat, the Horn Guy and the incomparable Brouwer Rangers will be on hand to pump up the crowd.  Cool events and promotions commemorating the Caps 40th year will also be available this season.  And prior to each game or at intermissions fans can treat themselves to some of the best food at any sports venue.  With plenty of new additions to a variety of concourse menus, Monumental Sports and Entertainment has truly outdone itself this season.

With all this in place, the familiar stage is set:

Fans take their seats and feel the driving beat of the music encompassing the rink. The floor seems to shake as the lights go down and, finally, your Washington Capitals are introduced. Fans become frenzied as the team takes the ice. Shouts of “Let’s Go Caps!” mesh with the music. The Caps fly around the glassy sheet on a piece of steel with a width of merely 3 millimeters sporting their composite weapons, warming up for the contest.  They appear faster, stronger and more confident this season.  They are willing to lay out to block their opponents’ shots and fight to support their teammates.  They are Russian, American, Canadian, Swedish and Austrian, but together they are the Washington Capitals—and this year they are in it to win it.

So, let the games begin. Let’s Go Caps!