The Capitals Insulated Lunch Bag!

Posted April 16, 2014

Fans who didn’t go to Sunday’s season finale, which turned out to be a meaningless 1-0 shootout loss to Tampa Bay, lost out big time. It was Fan Appreciation Day. While not everyone got the chance to get a player’s jersey right off their back, they did get an insulated lunch cooler as a door prize.

‘Highlights’ of this item:

  • An insulated main compartment that closes with a zipper
  • A jersey-themed front (the kind with strings!) with a pocket that’s hard to put anything in, since it’s got a narrow ‘collar’ and deep pouch that contains a loose piece of foam
  • Two mesh pockets on either side, which don’t snap in place, therefore making it hard to put anything in (Weagles on the sides, though!)
  • A small pocket in the back beneath the Verizon logo, which again isn’t tight enough to actually hold anything in place
  • A small strap for carrying in your hand

Unlike bobbleheads and other freebees, not a single one of these has been listed on eBay yet.

Yes folks, you truly missed out on a remarkable item. I will say this – it looks nice!