‘Twas the Game Before Christmas

Posted December 23, 2013

Photo by Caps Outsider

‘Twas the game before Christmas, Caps versus Ducks,
The crew was preparing the sticks and the pucks.
The gear had been hung in the lockers with care.
Knowing the players would shortly be there.

The fans were arriving and finding their seats,
Hoping for a victory against a defeat.
Then, the lighting grew dim, the music was pounding.
The cheers for the Caps, heartfelt and resounding.

When what to my wondering eyes should I see?
The crowd went berserk! Oh, it must be Ovi!
He was dressed all in red with a helmet of blue.
And his mission was clear, he knew what to do.

Fans knew a loss just would not suffice.
And they cheered on the Caps as they flew ‘round the ice.
“Go Backstrom! Go Carlson! Go Ovechkin, for sure!
Score once, and score twice, and then, please, score some more!”

Goal Grabo! Goal Backstrom! The faithful kept yelling,
It was clear that the Caps were magically gelling.
Then, the Ducks fought back and put two points on the board.
We were suddenly tied, but Caps’ fans still roared.

But the Ducks beat our Caps 3-2, and wouldn’t you know
Anaheim is now coached by our old buddy, Boudreau.
There was no time for nostalgia, and to be exact,
The Caps wanted badly to beat him, that’s a fact!

Fans started to exit when the teams left the rink,
With everyone ready for holiday goodies and drink;
But I heard Ovi exclaim ere he followed the rest,
“Merry Christmas to all! Caps’ fans are the best!”