Capitals Christmas Sweaters

Posted November 24, 2013

Caps fan Jimmy Kruyne wanted to make his own Christmas sweater. So, he went to, and created one using the tools provided. While the Caps logo isn’t an option, any Caps fan would look at this and immediately recognize the connection, and that’s what Kruyne is going for here. If his design is in the top 100 of votes, the sponsor, Coke Zero, will ensure it gets made. So go vote for the Caps Christmas sweater and get this thing made. Kruyne promises to wear it to every Caps game I go to until it’s merely shreds of it’s former self. Currently, it’s ranked 2,367 of 52,832, with a bit more than a week remaining.

If that doesn’t happen, then someone else, somewhere, must knit a Caps Christmas sweater. This is as close to a real one we can find.


Unfortunately, you can’t wear this. It’s only an ornament, available for $7.95.

Here’s a real one, but it’s not Christmas-y enough:


Check this out on Etsy.

This is, of course, nothing compared to the Reading Royals Christmas jersey, which they WILL be wearing Dec. 14.