Capitals vs. Flyers: The Battle of the Girouxs!

Posted October 27, 2009

Philadelphia_Flyers vs Washington_Capitals

The Flyers lead the all-time regular season series: 95-61-19-4.
When the Caps are at home, the Flyers lead shrinks to 39-34-13-3.

I came for the goals, but I stayed for the goaltending. Alright, that’s not true. I stayed for the free food. But the hockey was a nice bonus. Tonight’s Caps/Flyers match-up was a rematch of arguably the season’s most exciting game to date, a 6-5 overtime thriller from earlier this month. This rematch featured an added bonus. No, not the return of Alexander Semin. Nor the reunited SOB line. Instead, it’s the battle of Philadelphia’s Claude Giroux versus Washington’s Alexandre Giroux. Forget Ovechkin. Forget Jeff Carter. Forget Chris Pronger. Give me some more Girouxs!

If you have DirecTv, you missed this one, so here’s a little one minute recap.

SOB looks sharp early, at least the S part. Steckel gets an early breakaway…and predictably fails. Caps fans whine about how much it hurts to watch the power play unit. A Giroux sighting! Claude Giroux assists on a Scott Hartnell goal. A couple of big hits by Mike Green. Caps fans continue to moan about the power play unit. Philly scores again, no thanks to a Poti screen. Ovechkin scores. Backstrom scores. Semin scores. Suddenly the Power Play isn’t quite so bad. Powe with a failed penalty shot. Theodore standing tall. Empty-netter by AO seals it.

Verdict: The top line is good. Contract year Theodore in full effect. Caps win and get all three stars of the game (too bad Alexandre Giroux didn’t do more :) ).

Added tidbit from tonight’s game. The fans were asked to pick the best Philadelphia based sports movie. Defeating Rocky and Stealing Home was The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon . Way to go Tony Danza!