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  • Introducing Capitals Outsider Links!

    We’ve had this up for a while now but have yet to formally introduce this feature we created. It’s a link roundup of every must-read Caps article, complete with an RSS...

  • Capitals Outsider’s Best Posts of 2012

    Ultimately, 2012 won't be remembered for much other than the return of Dale Hunter (which actually happened in 2011), Joel Ward's heroics against Boston, Braden Holtby being awesome, and... the lockout.

  • Welcome to the New Capitals Outsider

    An exciting next chapter for Capitals Outsider.

  • On the Mike Milbury Incident

    I recently had the occasion to be a guest on the Blogs with Balls Podcast, partially to discuss the Mike Milbury incident of February 7th. The first half of the podcast...

  • Welcome to Capitals Outsider

    From the same folks that bring you Gunaxin, we’d like to welcome you to the brand new Capitals Outsider. Yep, you guessed it, another Washington Capitals blog. Several of us Gunaxin...