• What Are Waivers? 7 Things Fans Should Know

    Every day at noon, a list of men hits the waiver wires. These men consist of the overpaid, unwanted, or frequent healthy scratches. Their destinations are either the minors, release, or...

  • NHL Should Do the Teddy Bear Toss

    (Stingrays teddy bear toss) This time of year around various hockey leagues, teams participate in the Teddy Bear Toss, where fans are encouraged to bring teddy bears to games and toss them onto...

  • The Caps App Is No More!

    Thanks to the NHL, the Washington Capitals mobile app is now useless.

  • Gordie Howe vs. the Capitals

    Gordie Howe played the Caps four times in his legendary career, all in his final season.

  • Bruce Boudreau Stops By Laurel

    Former Capitals coach and current Anaheim Ducks bench boss Bruce Boudreau came back to town Tuesday, once again to hang out at The Gardens Ice House in Laurel.

  • Recapping the New NHL Rules for 2015-16

    There will be some new rules to get used to during the new season, starting for Caps fans in about three months. Notable changes include faceoffs, overtime, and new Coaches' Challenge.

  • Who Should We Root For Now?

    Bruce Boudreau in Laurel (M. Richter) Caps fans’ hangover may not be completely over, but at some point we still need to start watching hockey again. Now is as good a time...

  • 3-on-3 Overtime Hockey on the Way?

    At last week’s NHL general manager’s meeting, the GMs tossed around the the idea of changing the NHL overtime system in order to prevent as many games from ending in a...

  • Brace Yourselves, Fans – “The Capital” Is Back!

    Not to fear, gentle fans, for the league has heard your cries. Yes, that's right - The NHL Guardian Project is back!

  • Joel Ward handles the puck in a drill during practice.

    American NHLers Fight for Spotlight Against Canadians and Europeans

    Over the years American NHLers have fought for the spotlight. Now, the U.S. youth is helping them take back the game with a growing interest in the sport.

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