• Mike Ribeiro

    Caps Shootouts We Haven’t Seen

    The Caps have only had three shootouts this season, but all three times, as soon as the clocked ticked down to 0:00 in overtime, I can only think: Game over.

  • Pick-up

    Pick-up Hockey With Alex Ovechkin

    Verizon commercial features Alex Ovechkin facing off against people on the streets.

  • Milbury

    Mike Milbury Destroys Alex Ovechkin

    Mad Mike belittles Ovechkin's performance versus the Flyers.

  • Brooks Laich Doll

    Brooks Laich (Doll) Gets a Kiss

    In news we can only file under adorable, a very young Capitals fan received her Brooks Laich doll, which recently went on sale at Verizon Center, and gave him a big...

  • Fans

    Thank You Fans, From the Caps

    A video dedicated to the fans.

  • Will Oates Make New Commercials?

    With Adam Oates coming to coach the Washington Capitals, we here at Capitals Outsider have one burning question: Will he make commercials? We don’t remember any offhand that he made when...

  • We Will Survive: A Tribute to the 2011-2012 Caps

    Last night, I drove home from a sports bar in Clarendon, feeling a mixture of confusion and disappointment (“How could that power play have been so awful?”). When an obnoxious song began...

  • Because It’s The Cup

    Apparently the Capitals version of the “Because It’s The Cup” commercial has been released (stick tap to RMNB) and is available on the YouTube machine : Color me unimpressed. Honestly when...

  • Brad Marchand’s Night of Diving

    Karl Alzner drew some attention last night for mocking Milan Lucic with his cry-baby face. He probably could have done his Twitter follower count an even bigger favor if he had...

  • Unleash the Fury : Round 1

    Via katakoon on Reddit (or sammiller1210 on YouTube) comes a video to get you pumped up for the first round. Maybe Dale can just play this for the players before the...

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