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  • Erin with the 2016-17 Red Rockers. (Washington Capitals Photography)

    Photos: Red Rockers Final Auditions!

    Erin with the 2016-17 Red Rockers. (Photos courtesy Washington Capitals Photography) This past Saturday, the Washington Capitals announced their 2016-17 Red Rockers. Here are some of the best photos that came out of...

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    A Heartfelt Farewell to Erin!

    Caps in-game host Erin Magee is stepping away after several years with the team.

  • Red Rockers (Caps Outsider)

    Introducing the 2016-17 Red Rockers!

    Congratulations to the 2016-17 Red Rockers!

  • Washington Capitals Photography

    Photos: Red Rocker Auditions

    This past Saturday, the Washington Capitals held their annual Red Rocker tryouts. Here are some of the best photos that came out of the first day of auditions, courtesy Washington Capitals...

  • Caps Red Rockers (Caps Outsider)

    Red Rocker Auditions 2016-17 Day 1

    The Caps hosted their annual Red Rocker auditions Saturday.

  • Magee in front of the 2015 Red Rockers. Photo by Bruce Andrew Peters

    Red Rocker Auditions 2016-17

    It's almost that time again to audition to become a Red Rocker for the 2016-17 season.

  • redrocker - 2

    Meet Caps Red Rocker Shelby

    Red Rocker Shelby, 23, is from Columbia, MD. She graduated from McDaniel College in 2014 with a BA in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.

  • Ashley Season 2

    Meet Red Rocker: Ashley

    "What I love most about the Red Rockers is how accessible we really are compared similar teams like us," said 26-year-old Red Rocker Ashley.

  • 11219064_618436114962472_8059340652808402296_n

    Caps’ In-Game Host Brings Spirit to Verizon Center

    You can find Erin on the concourse, in the stands, and on the big screen at the Verizon Center during Caps game breaks and intermissions.

  • red-rockers-bruce-andrew-peters - 9

    Photos: 2015-16 Red Rockers Spirit Squad!

    Photos by Bruce Andrew Peters. This past weekend, the Caps presented the 2015-16 Red Rockers Spirit Squad. Here are more photos, courtesy Bruce Andrew Peters. Check out his site at and his Facebook page Photos by Bruce Andrew...

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