• strachan-oleksy-carlson-nats08

    Caps Hang With Nats Fans

    Capitals/Bears defensemen Tyson Strachan, plus teammates John Carlson and Steve Oleksy came to sign autographs and take photos with fans at the Nats game on Sunday.

  • IMG_7217-SMILE

    Caps Fun With Google Auto Awesome, Last Game Edition

    (Photos by Caps Outsider) As we’ve noted before, Google Auto Awesome takes photos and automatically applies features to them, such as snow, action, Christmas lights, and even combines the best smiles...

  • IMG_6927

    What the Caps Were Thinking During Warmups

    Caps express their thoughts before the last game of the season.

  • IMG_1289-MIX

    Fun With Google’s Auto Awesome

    Google takes my Caps photos, makes them do things.

  • astro doughnuts

    Caps Send Off Olympians

    The Washington Capitals took to Twitter after Saturday's 3-0 win to wish good luck to their teammates who are headed off to Sochi.

  • mascot-hockey19

    Mascot Hockey Game at Verizon Center

    Children flocked to Verizon Center on Sunday, as the Capitals hosted its annual Mascot hockey game. As always, the game featured several mascots from various places teaming up to take on...

  • IMG_5575

    Wes Johnson Unleashes the Turkey

    The Caps welcomed fans on Wednesday with a fun intro of PA announcer Wes Johnson, organist Bruce Anderson, mascot Slapshot, and the Red Rockers celebrating Thanksgiving together.

  • via Karl Alzner

    Mikhail Grabovski’s Face

    Mikhail Grabovski was cut with a skate in Saturday’s 2-1 shootout loss in Toronto, receiving 20 stitches before returning. After the game, Caps defenseman Karl Alzner tweeted this photo. The best...

  • ovi-mo

    Alzner Dyed His Mustache: Caps Movember Update Week 2

    We're officially in the second week of Movember, and the Caps have never been so involved as they are this year.

  • ovi-haircut2

    Ovechkin’s New Haircut

    “Sochi… Stanley… Sochi… Stanley… Maria… Stanley…” (Photos by Caps Outsider) Alex Ovechkin entered warm-ups on Tuesday against the Blue Jackets sporting a new haircut that certainly didn’t make much of a...

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