• laughlin cote bondra

    Laughlin, Langway, Bondra and Cote Had Devil Horns, Too

    After Barry Trotz's first press conference after the opening game, images of him with the Weagle wings over his head went viral.

  • Fans (Caps Outsider)

    Opening Night Photos, Auto-Awesomed

    Thanks to Google Auto-Awesome, the feature that takes photos and adds awesomeness to them, Caps Outsider has a batch of flip-book style images to share, if flip books only had five...

  • ANDRE BURAKOVSKY   (Caps Outsider)

    Opening Night Photos!

    Here's a photo dump of the Capitals-Canadiens game at Verizon Center on Thursday.

  • IMG_0131

    If the Caps Practiced With Lightsabers

    “Hey Nicky, I am Darth Vader and you are Luke Skywalker. HAHAHA BEST!!!))))” (Photos and effects by Caps Outsider) It’s still preseason, folks, so the Caps are still doing different exercises...

  • (Jarrod Wronski)

    Couple Married on the Ice Before Caps Game

    Sunday's preseason game against Buffalo went down as a meaningless 1-0 win for the Caps, but it was an unforgettable day for Joe Kurnos and Dera Atwell, who got married at...

  • IMG_9981

    Making Ice at Verizon Center

    A crew at Verizon Center started putting down the ice this week in preparation for the NHL season.

  • caps404

    Saddest Caps License Plate Ever

    Spotted in Ashburn, it's the saddest Caps license plate you'll ever see.

  • Tom Wilson is the star of the day. (Caps Outsider)

    Tom Wilson and Open House at Verizon Center!

    The Caps held an open house at Verizon Center on Wednesday, inviting fans in to shop for season tickets, talk hockey with Capitals assistant general manager Don Fishman, and to meet...

  • strachan-oleksy-carlson-nats08

    Caps Hang With Nats Fans

    Capitals/Bears defensemen Tyson Strachan, plus teammates John Carlson and Steve Oleksy came to sign autographs and take photos with fans at the Nats game on Sunday.

  • IMG_7217-SMILE

    Caps Fun With Google Auto Awesome, Last Game Edition

    (Photos by Caps Outsider) As we’ve noted before, Google Auto Awesome takes photos and automatically applies features to them, such as snow, action, Christmas lights, and even combines the best smiles...

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