• The ‘Thing’ Family Jerseys!

    Some customized jerseys are meant for good, clean family fun.

  • The Kuzy-Face Shirt!

    Our buddy Charlie McManus is at it again, this time wearing a custom-made T-shirt with Evgeny Kuznetsov's face from his draft-day photo in 2010.

  • Caps Go Green

    The Caps wore green jerseys for Tuesday's warm-ups.

  • Yes, This Caps Fan Wears This Jersey

    Spotted at the Caps-Rangers game on Friday, a Capitals fan wearing a Bubba 69 jersey.

  • The Half-Red, Half Black Caps Jersey

    Spotted at the Caps-Penguins game last night, a half-red, half-black Caps jersey.

  • The Histovi 500 Jersey

    (Brandon Alter, Caps Outsider) Hey look! It’s a jersey commemorating Alex Ovechkin‘s 500th career goal. It says Histovi (get it?) and has the number 500 on it. Congratulations, Alex Ovechkin, on...

  • Capitals Debut 3rd Jersey

    We waited 20 years for the classic red jersey to return to the ice, and the day is finally here.

  • The Caps Ogilthorpe Jersey

    It's been 38 years since the movie Slap Shot came out, so not everyone walking around will get this reference. This Caps fan personalized his Winter Classic jersey with the name...

  • The Bruins ‘Seabass’ Jersey

    Boston Bruins great Cam Nelly was in Dumb and Dumber (and the sequel), playing a redneck rapist named Seabass. Neely wore number 8 with Boston.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Caps Jerseys

    The Caps will be sporting St. Patrick's Day jerseys for warmups against the Boston Bruins on Saturday.

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