• Prust

    Matt Hendricks vs. Brandon Prust

    Hendricks drops the glove for the 3rd time in three games.

  • Fans

    Thank You Fans, From the Caps

    A video dedicated to the fans.

  • Slapshot-Capitals-Mascot-Porn

    Slapshot and Other Unemployed NHL Mascots

    Slapshot and his counterparts around the league find themselves unemployed and desperate for money.

  • Caps-Outsider

    Welcome to the New Capitals Outsider

    An exciting next chapter for Capitals Outsider.

  • RIP-Playoff-Beard

    R.I.P. Playoff Beard

    This sink is likely similar to hundreds of others across the DC metropolitan area today. For both fans and players alike, shaving the playoff beard is one of the saddest moments...

  • Round 2 Playoff Beard Update

    Win or Lose tonight, we didn’t want to let the second round end without checking in with another beard update. In round one we took a look at some beards as...

  • Caps-Rangers-Game-3-04-550x366

    Knuble’s Knights and Other Game 3 Fun

    We’re happy to see Mike Knuble back in the lineup, but not as happy as these guys. In celebration of Knuble’s recent contributions on the ice, his Knights made a return...

  • Holtby and Carlson Asked to Prom

    Braden Holtby and John Carlson were asked to Prom by two young ladies along the glass prior to tonight’s Game 3, but hopefully they’ll still be playing on June 2nd. As...

  • 2012 Round 2 : The Bet

    Here we are again, with the Washington Capitals facing the New York Rangers in the Playoffs. You may remember last season we had a friendly bet with our counterparts over at...

  • Bruins Go Golfing

    With the Capitals’ huge underdog defeat of the defending Stanley Cup Champion Bruins, you know what that means for hockey players in Boston. Yep, they’re going golfing. These images are mostly...

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