• Meet Red Rocker Courtney D.: Marathoner and Writer

    The Red Rockers' very own Courtney Duckworth competed in her 5th Boston Marathon on April 16.  It is an enormous undertaking for anyone, but even more amazing for the vivacious Red...

  • A Final Thought

    Caps fans will shake it off, get over it and support their Caps all over again next season.

  • Tom Wilson Is All Grown Up

    Tom Wilson has changed from merely a hard-hitter and aggravator to a critical part of Washington's success.

  • Meet Red Rocker Victoria

    A crime scene forensic scientist, and a dance instructor, Victoria also found a home as a Red Rocker for the Washington Capitals.

  • Fan Appreciation Night 2017

    (Photos by Caps Outsider) It was all about the fans Saturday night at Verizon Center as the Caps hosted Fan Appreciation Night.  It was a chance to thank fans for their...

  • It’s Easy Being Green With the Caps

    Caps fans have not only been rocking the red, they’ve been rocking the green this week as they celebrate Green Week at Verizon Center.

  • Meet Red Rocker Courtney J.

    "When I attended my first Caps game, I was instantly hooked,” said Red Rocker Courtney J. “The game is fast-paced, packed with excitement, and the fans' energy is infectious."

  • Caps vs. Flyers: A House Divided

    It's not unusual to see friends rooting for opposing teams at a Caps/Flyers game.

  • Fatima at the Caps Game

    Fatima Al Ali had a message for young female hockey players in the UAE: "Just go for it. Follow your dream and go for it. You can be anything you...

  • Another Super Sunday for the Caps

    The Caps have traditionally played a matinee on Super Bowl Sunday, and this year was no exception.

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