What the Heck Was That Call on Braden Holtby?

Posted October 11, 2017

(Caps Outsider)

A bizarre play unfolded in the first period Wednesday as Pittsburgh’s Carl Hagelin chased after a loose puck between him and Caps goalie Braden Holtby.¬†Hagelin touched it first but Holtby ‘saved’ it, thus saving a true breakaway. The ‘save’ was, perhaps, a ‘cover,’ and after that, he scooted it forward with his glove but was called for a Delay of Game/Illegal play by a Goalie. You know, the call no ref has ever made in any league ever in the history of the universe.

After the game,¬†Barry Trotz said the ref’s explanation of the call cited the fact that Holtby covered it (well outside his ‘area’), to keep it from a Penguins player. There might not have been a penalty otherwise.

Here’s a link to what we believe the rule is referring to.

Regardless, the play saved a breakaway so Holtby did the right thing.