Poll: Does the Caps’ Loss Really Turn Fans Away?

Posted May 11, 2017

These are real Caps fans. (Caps Outsider)

After all the griping and groaning over the latest episode of a long list of heart-wrenching playoff disappointments, a business question remains: Will fans turn away? I mean, the Caps have tried everything to win, so what’s left to look forward to but more playoff losses? Why pay to see a team that has proven they can’t get out of the second round? Why spend hundreds of hours a season knowing it won’t end well?

My sense is, despite the failures, the Washington Capitals will continue to sell out next season, the fans will shell out the cash, Rock the Red, and Unleash the Fury. There may be some fans who give up their season tickets, citing the lack of playoff success as the reason, but that happens every season and other fans may scoop those up.

So now we ask in an unofficial poll: As a Caps fan, what does this latest wasted season do to your rooting interests?

Which one are you?

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