Photos: It’s Halloween at Verizon Center! (Sorta)

Posted October 30, 2015

All of the Red Rockers dressed as Super Girl. I stupidly asked them why “Super Girl?” and they replied ‘to celebrate Halloween!” (Photos by Caps Outsider)

It was thisclose to Halloween on Friday as some fans dressed up to celebrate the holiday at the Caps-Blue Jackets game.

Most fans, however, came for the hockey, so bonus points to anyone who got into the spirit of Halloween a day early.

"Ovi-Wan… You're my only hope" #CapsJackets #Halloween #RockTheRed

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Don't worry #Caps fans, we're here to protect you from Dr. Evil & Mini Me! 💪#CapsJackets #RocktheRed

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Look who we ran into! 🎃👻😀 #HappyHalloween#CapsJackets #RocktheRed

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