Caps Fun With Google Auto Awesome, Last Game Edition

Posted April 14, 2014

(Photos by Caps Outsider)

As we’ve noted before, Google Auto Awesome takes photos and automatically applies features to them, such as snow, action, Christmas lights, and even combines the best smiles into one photo. Though these can’t compare to animated GIFs of actual footage, what’s great about these is that they’re entirely from the mind of Google when we feed hundreds of photos into its photo software.

Be sure to look at our other post on this subject, and we hope to have more. These are from Sunday’s finale at Verizon Center.


I’m not sure what Ovi is doing here, but it went on longer than Auto Awesome actually shows.


Auto Awesome gets Kuznetsov saying WOW.


“Yeah, I won’t be back next season.”


“I’m going to shoot this puck and then suddenly STOP.”


“Wanna hear a joke? Never mind, here comes Brouwer.”


“Hey Jay, let’s take a selfie!”


Yes, Auto Awesome has some work to do, as it thinks Eric Fehr standing here was GIF-worthy.