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Tale of the Tape: Tom Wilson vs. Kyle Clifford

Posted March 21, 2014

Tom Wilson:  6’4″, 210 lbs., 13 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

Kyle Clifford:  6’2″, 211 lbs., 42 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

March 21, 2014.   Staples Center.  2:33 into the first period.  Score tied 0-0.





Kyle Clifford is kinda mean.

He passed by Tom Wilson as he was heading to the locker room before the game.  Clifford stopped and turned around and yelled at Wilson.

“Hey Tom, pretty convenient that you come to town and LA gets it’s first significant earthquake in six years.”

Tom replied intelligently, explaining tectonic plates, the Earth’s crust and seismic waves, and how California is prone to such earthquakes because of the San Andreas fault, which is a continuous break in the Earth’s crust that runs about 800 miles through California.  Because of this break, California can get an earthquake at any moment.

Clifford looked blankly at Wilson, and replied with a laugh.

“No, it’s because you walked in California, fatty.” and Clifford walked away giggling at his joke.

Whatever, Wilson thought.  I’m not fat.  But he insulted me by calling me fat.  I guess I have to fight him.

So Wilson didn’t wait long.  Within the second he made eye contact with Clifford, he challenged Clifford to a duel.  And it was on.

The two grab a hold of each other pretty quickly into the fight.  Wilson tried to get a few jabs in with his left, but early on it is Clifford who sneaks in an upper cut.  Clifford then comes in over the top, but Wilson has Clifford in tight enough that Clifford can’t reach Wilson.  Wilson continues to throw a series of quick left jabs to Clifford’s noggin, and then throws a big right to Clifford’s left cheek.  Wilson continues with his quick jabs, but then Clifford pulls him closer.  It’s here that Clifford unleashes another upper cut, followed by another over the top attempt, but again, Wilson is too close in for Clifford to make good contact.  Wilson shoves Clifford off, throws another series of his jabs, and throws an upper cut of his own.  Wilson throws another big right, and then tries to change up his hold on Clifford.  Clifford then rips Wilson’s helmet off.  This angered Wilson, and he muscled Clifford several feet into the boards, and got a light uppercut in.  Wilson throws a big right, but whiffs, and then the two exchange rights that appear to land on the back of the head.  Wilson goes back to his jabbing technique, but Clifford throws a big uppercut on Wilson.  He throws another, but the second doesn’t appear to connect with Wilson’s face.  Clifford falls as Wilson throws another punch, but quickly gets back on his feet.  The two grab ahold of each other, surely exhausted, and the fight ends.

And the winner is….WAIT….It’s ruled a draw!

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