Sugar & Champagne, Bulldogging the Washington Humane Society

Posted February 18, 2014

Helping honor the 2014 Humane Hero Award Recipients on February 5th!

What a week!  Tuesday, February 4th I get into my 1st Washington Capitals game with Dogs on Deployment and then on Wednesday, February 5th I get invited to the Washington Humane Society Sugar & Champagne event to honor the 2014 Humane Hero Award recipients! 

Thanks to one of my good Twitter friends, Zack Shapiro and his Dad, they had the idea that I should be there to help the event out.  So, all credit goes to them!  I had a solid block of recovery napping in place for the Caps game the night before, so I was all ready.  Thanks Zack!

The Washington Humane Society holds the Sugar and Champagne event to honor the Field Service Award Recipients and the Humane Hero Award Recipients.  These people are the ones who go above and beyond in their support, care, and unwavering crusade to help animals in need.

I bark at Mom & Dad that this is a formal event, while Mom does not worry me as she always dresses great, it’s Dad and his endless closet of Caps tees and jeans that worries me.  A suit is the only acceptable attire for this event!  Plus, I need something spiffy for me too!  Which jersey do I wear?  Caps are in the middle of a Home stand, so Formal Red it is, but I’ve got to kick it up a notch.

Honoring my friend

My good friend, Dr. Katy Nelson is the 2014 Media Personality Humane Hero Award recipient.  No way am I missing the chance to see her again and congratulate her on this amazing award.  I was 1st brought to the attention of Dr. Katy Nelson by fellow Capitals Outsider writer Barbara Banks last year after one of the many spring Caps games I went to on F St.  The end result was a segment on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy (August 24, 2013 episode).  Never had The Pet Show stage been laid upon with such laziness.

I will not lie, a love affair was born that day.

Extra special occasion calls for extra special dress:

We get to the Ronald Reagan Building, pass through security and work our way through the labyrinth of a parking garage.  A few people waiting on the elevator see me and ask I’ve ever met the bulldog who hangs out at Verizon Center before Caps games.  Hmmm, I may have bumped into him a few times, haha.  They notice the Ovechkin signature on my jersey then laugh, we follow you on twitter!

We get to registration and I’m getting to meet the other pups lucky enough to be here.  Photographers are taking pictures and being the only dog in a Caps jersey and Bow tie, I get the extra chuckles and pictures taken.  I’m directed to the stairs to the lower level, stairs are the Lex Luthor to my Superman, and thankfully there are elevators nearby.

I make my way down to the VIP Chef Tasting Lounge, there’s more food for human consumption here than for my canine class, but that’s ok, I need to stay light on my paws and smiling for the cameras.  I get lots of laughs and “nice shirt”, a few people recognize me and ask for pictures with me.  Several of the photographers are asking for pictures, which I oblige, keeping my eyes peeled for Dr. Katy Nelson.

When I finally do catch up to Dr. Katy Nelson, she has a crowd of people congratulating her.  Move aside people, bulldog is bulldozing his way through!  I had joked with Mom earlier that it’d look silly for me not to match Dr. Katy’s dress for the night, rest assured, Dr. Katy and I are in sync, she wore red.

This is what a happy bulldog looks like

After some scratches and congratulations, she was off to see more people.  So happy we got to see each other and discuss the Washington Humane Society.

Ok, now that Dr. Katy is gone, I can go back to normal bulldog mode and lay down.  I am still exhausted from the night before at the Caps/Isles game.

Some of the tweets from the public at the event:

What a great night for all the recipients!  Looking forward to more great work from the Washington Humane Society!

Miscellany Fun (Since this is so late)

Thank you to All Caps Fans who stopped by the Dogs on Deployment table at the Caps/Isles game on February 4th!

Get your Bulldogs for the Brave t-shirts and help support Dogs on Deployment!

Meeting Carson & his “Ovie the Bulldog”

The Bulldog Summit: Me & Butler University Mascot, Blue III

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time!

Licks & Slobber,