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A Capitals Valentine

Posted February 13, 2014

If my Valentine needs a gift idea
Here’s what you are to say,
“No flowers, gems or candy.
Buy Caps tickets, don’t delay!”

You see,
I really want to see a game.
I must cheer on the Caps!
I want to yell and Rock the Red,
With an ice cold beer, perhaps.

I want to wear my Backstrom shirt
And shout out, “We want wings!”
I want to see the Team Store,
And buy some cool Caps things.

I want to scream as Ovi scores,
And root for power plays.
I want see the PK stop,
And see Holtby’s great kick saves!

I want to pose with Slapshot,
Cheer on the mites at breaks,
And unleash my fiercest fury.
Tickets, please, for goodness sake!

If my Valentine should ask you,
Now you know just what to say.
‘Cause I really want Caps tickets
To have a happy day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovely ladies and their Valentine’s who love, love, love the Caps!

Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Champs Gear