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Stick Shipping Mishap Caused Delay for Holtby (Well, His Bobblehead, At Least)

Posted January 17, 2014

One thing was missing during this past summer’s Inova Blood Drive. It was the long-awaited Braden Holtby bobblehead, which folks were told they’d get after giving blood. Instead, they got a choice of Olaf Kolzig, Slapshot, Jeff Schultz, or Matt Hendricks, which were already given out at previous drives. I wpoke Inova Marketing Director Rebecca Manarchuk about the issue at this past blood drive and now know the reason why getting the Holtby bobble was such a trouble.

The new bobblehead company they had decided to go with was Bobble Factory, which also made the Kolzig bobble. Because the Holtby bobble was substantially bigger than Kolzig, his stick was much longer and more exposed, instead of hidden behind the Inova label on the base. This, combined with the new clam shell packaging and open front boxing, caused for a lot of breaking of the stick during the long shipment from China. So THAT is why you didn’t get your Holtby bobblehead until the fall. But the wait was worth it as you got a very nicely crafted bobblehead.


Holtby’s stick is much larger and more prone to breaking


Kolzig’s stick is much smaller and closer to his body

Also here’s a look at what’s coming up next for Inova Caps Bobbles. As most of you may already know the next bobblehead will be Nicklas Backstrom. They will be returning to Bobble Factory after using Success Promotions for the Beagle Bobble at this month’s past drive. Also, Inova stated it would like to begin making the bobbleheads with the players in motion, instead of standing stagnant. Perhaps this summer.

Here you can sign up for the Spring blood drive:

  • March 1st, 2014

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