Our Tale of the Tape: Fighting With Tyson Strachan and Aaron Volpatti

Posted November 28, 2013

fight graphic toeAaron Volpatti fights with Colin Greening (Photo by Caps Outsider)

Tyson Strachan vs Chris Neil

Tyson Strachan: Height – 6′ 3″, Weight – 222 lbs., 12 career regular season NHL fights

Chris Neil: Height – 6′ 1″, Weight – 210 lbs., 143 career regular season NHL fights

Verizon Center, November 27th, 17:07 into the first period. Caps up 3-1

This fight went down after Chris Neil absolutely decked Nate Schmidt right into the boards. He knocked him right off of his feet. Tyson Strachan immediately began to make his way over to Neil’s territory. As he does so, Neil, who ranks 51st all time in penalty minutes, mouthed the word “pumpkin” (you can see it at the 49 second mark). This stems from a huge argument him and Strachan got into before the game even started. Earlier, what started off as a friendly conversation between the two about their Thanksgiving plans, it got ugly once they realized that Strachan is a huge apple pie fan, while Neil prefers pumpkin. So Neil was just kind of egging him on. And it was on.

Strachan immediately went on the offensive. He landed a massive right hook that connected with Neil’s left cheek. Neil answered with a quick little jab, also landing on the right cheek. Strachan answers with another non-love tap like hit to Neil’s face. And then another. I mean, everyone knows Strachan is dead serious about his apple pie. After one of Strachan’s big blows, the two began to lightly (well, about as lightly as a hockey player possibly can) hit each other in the face. Then, Neil lands another big blow that connects, but follows it up with a whiff. Strachan gets one more off, and Neil flicks off his pads. The two began to tangle, but were too far on the outside of one another, and couldn’t reach the face of the other. Neil must have been sick and tired of getting hit in the kisser, and takes Strachan down.

Momentum was not immediately gained.

And the winner is…..on a unanimous decision….TYSON STRACHAN

Aaron Volpatti vs Colin Greening

Aaron Volpatti: 6′ 1″, 200 lbs., 15 career regular season NHL fights

Colin Greening: 6′ 3″, 210 lbs., 7 career regular season NHL fights

Verizon Center, November 27th, 2013, 2:01 in the second period. Caps up 3-1.

Where is the love the day before Thanksgiving? Not between these two. The second fight of the game broke out between Aaron Volpatti and Colin Greening. Greening got very upset when he realized that Volpatti was a little bit stronger than him after Volpatti came crashing through Greening. This stems from a contest between the two earlier in the day. Greening was a little bit upset that his hand-traced turkey didn’t come out as well as Volpatti’s. Volpatti made fun of him relentlessly, and for Greening, this hit was the last straw.

It starts out with the hit, followed by a little stick smack from Greening to Volpatti’s midsection. They immediately threw off their gloves. Greening did an excellent job of getting in close to Volpatti, taking out any chance of Volpatti reaching for Greening. Greening gets a couple of quick ones right at Volpatti. The two then get in close, and temporarily don’t exchange blows. Greening continues the quick little jabs on the side of Volpatti’s head. Volpatti lands one big one that knocks Greening’s helmet clear off, then lands another big one. Greening pops right back up and answers with two big ones of his own. Volpatti only has his left hand free, and desperately tries to answer with quick punches. Greening has his right free, and just barely sneaks one in. Volpatti appears to want to change over to his right hand, and grabs the back of Greening’s head. Greening won’t let him get it free, and Volpatti’s right punches become a little muffled. The two go down, where Greening lands on top of Volpatti, but Volpatti quickly rolls over to get on top. And the fight end.

Afterwords, the Senators gained a ton of momentum from the fight.

And the winner is…..in a split decision…..COLIN GREENING