Alzner Dyed His Mustache: Caps Movember Update Week 2

Posted November 12, 2013

Sporting a new haircut, Alex Ovechkin is participating in Movember on Team Gillette. (Photos by Caps Outsider)

We’re officially in the second week of Movember, and the Caps have never been so involved as they are this year. While random people joined the Caps’ Movember team, it’s actually Caps beat writer Mike Vogel who is leading the locker room regulars in donations. The Caps player who leads in donations (aside from Ovi, who is not on the Caps) is  Braden Holtby.

But no one beats Karl Alzner at Movember. “I put blond hair dye and it said to leave it in for 30 minutes but it was burning after 10, so I took it out and it’s a little bit lighter than it normally is… so I have a highlighted mustache,” Alzner told NBC 4’s Dianna Russini. Watch the full video here. (Update: He previously told CSN’s Chuck Gormley that he was trying to ‘be like Hulk Hogan.’)

See the full Caps Movember list here.


Karl Alzner admitted that he dyed his mustache. Yes, he dyed his mustache.


Braden Holtby got confused and started growing his playoff beard.


John Carlson, once again, is really trying hard at Movember.


Joel Ward is going for the thin ‘stache look.


Steve Oleksy is battling with John Carlson for the ‘really trying’ award.

Tom Wilson is only 19. (screenshot via NBC 4)

Tom Wilson is only 19. (screenshot via NBC 4)