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Ovechkin Involved in Movember, Brouwer Is Captain

Posted November 1, 2013

Alex Ovechkin is participating in Movember. (Caps Outsider)

It’s Movember again! Unlike last year, when the lockout forced the Capitals staff and the players to join separately, far more players are on board, including Caps captain, Alex Ovechkin*.

Meanwhile, Troy Brouwer is the captain of the Caps’ Movember effort. Here is everyone involved, according to the Movember PR staff:

UPDATE: Alex Ovechkin’s Capitals Movember page has been removed, and replaced with his Gillette Movember page, as he’s still got that Gillette endorsement through 2014.

Now, head on over to Movember’s Caps page and start donating to change the face of men’s health!

No word on whether Karl Alzner, left, will start from scratch. Perhaps Movember Captain Brouwer will tell him what to do. (Caps Outsider)

Alzner may have to start from scratch. Photo by Caps Outsider at Six Flags.

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