What Alex Semin Is Thinking (Part II)

Posted October 10, 2013

NHL lock out, government lock out. Boehner is the Bettman.” (photos and fake quotes by Caps Outsider)

Former longtime Capital Alex Semin came back to Verizon Center (again) on Thursday in his second season with the Carolina Hurricanes. Though Semin got the last laugh, we had him mic’ed up during warm-ups (just as we’ve done before).


“Here I am! Rock you up the Hurricanes!”


“Nuts, I missed the Six Flags trip.”


“They’re not saying boo. They’re saying boo-urns.”


“If I get hit by Ovi tonight, I’m going to embellish the hell out of that.”


“Good to see my D.C. суки came out for this.”

Ben Sumner
Ben Sumner is the editor of Capitals Outsider. He also works for The Washington Post and contributes there when he gets a scoop.
Ben Sumner
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