Is There Life After Caps?

Posted June 7, 2013

These people are all doing something else now. (Caps Outsider)

As stunned fans shake off the residual effects of the Caps losing to the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs, many are finding solace in other sports. Some folks are turning to baseball, the NBA playoffs or following the day-to-day progress of Redskin quarterback RGlll’s physical rehabilitation. But steadfast hockey fans, like the Supinski family of Silver Spring, Md., are sticking to hockey, and they continue to watch the NHL playoffs. John Supinski, 52, echoes the sentiments of his family and diehard Caps’ fans everywhere. “Unfortunately, we do the same thing we do every year the Caps lose in the playoffs… hope that next season will be better than the last,” he explained. “This year we are taking pleasure in the Penguins getting dominated by the Bruins.”

Brouwer Rangers hang up the suits. (via Brouwer Rangers)

Brouwer Rangers hang up the suits. (via Brouwer Rangers)

Supinski, like most fans, refuses to give up on the Caps. “We look for the July 1 free agency to see what GMGM is going to do to make sure the Caps succeed next season,” he said. “Then, we wait and hope and even pray that, finally, next season will be the one we raise the cup.”

Even super fans like the Brouwer Rangers are shaking off the disappointment and looking forward to next season. “For the most part, we hang up the suits, literally,” said Ranger Nathan and Ranger Ryan of their red spandex Power Ranger-like costumes. A fan favorite during Caps games at the Verizon Center, they play a big part in making the game experience fun for all.

“As inspiration strikes, we work on new sign ideas and t-shirt designs as well. We will also make any needed touch-ups and upgrades to the suits and helmets so they are in tip-top shape for the puck drop next season,” he continued. “Then, toward the end of the summer, we’ll get ready to make our first donation of the t-shirt proceeds from the past year.” (All proceeds go to Caps’ charities.)

Would the Brouwer Rangers ever cheer for another sports team? “We might try to catch a few baseball games—Nathan is an Orioles fan and Ryan is a Nats fan—but neither one of us goes all-out for baseball. Though, if we did, it would almost have to be as Kurt Suzuki’s Sidekicks,” he added.

So, whether you are feeding your hunger for hockey by watching the NHL playoffs, or immersing yourself in other sports to fill the void, keep in mind that the 2013-14 hockey season is just a few short months away.