Ten Reasons Caps Fans Want a Long Playoff Run (Other Than the Obvious)

Posted April 25, 2013

Get used to the spotlight, fellas. (Photo by Clyde Caplan)

Capitals Outsider came up with ten reasons why we want a really long playoff run, other than the obvious reason of wanting the Caps to win a Stanley Cup.

10) More chances to see Mike Green

He was named the best looking Cap in Cosmo several months ago. Oddly enough, Alex Ovechkin was voted hottest in Caps Outsider’s poll, but only after the poll was shared on a Russian message board.

9) Will make up for the games we missed during the lockout

Actually, even if each playoff series goes seven games, that’s only 28, six short of the 34 we lost during the lockout. But good enough.

8) Everyone needs more Glory Days’ wings and half price Papa John’s pizza 

Chanting “We want wings” at a home game will never get old, even for those of us who live nowhere near a Glory Days Grill.

7) The Verizon Center needs something other than Southeast Division banners

Sew them all together and that quilt will be big enough to contribute to global warming.

6) Alan May needs something to do

Broadcasters, too, have schedules set around games, and I don’t think May will be joining Joe B. in calling college lacrosse games.

5) Because we hate the Penguins.

Our dislike of this team goes on any list we make, even if it’s for groceries.

4) Brings out the best in @CapsGameEnt

Forget the Caps, it’s the in-game entertainment crew that tells the fans when to Unleash the Fury!

3) Washington D.C. pro sports fans have suffered long enough

Redskins: 1992. Bullets: 1978. Nationals: Never. (This is where the D.C. United fans start arguing with us)

2) To upset Mike Milbury and Don Cherry

Yes, getting these two to eat their words about Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals is a huge reason we want the Caps to win the Stanley Cup.

1) It’s about time

We’re tired of reflecting on the positives of the 1998 season.

Go Caps.