Imagining a Caps Café

Posted April 9, 2013

Tired of eating the same old nachos, chicken fingers and pizza at the games? Can’t get tickets on the club level? Well, welcome to the Caps Café! Our goal is to serve Caps fans mouth-watering, delicious eats while being immersed in all things Caps. Check out our menu!

(Note that what we actually did was take existing food and rename it after Caps, if there was any confusion)

Slapshot’s Wings – an old favorite, served with your choice of mild or Red Hot Rocker sauce
Mozzarella Hockey Sticks – beer battered mozzarella shaped like mini hockey sticks with marinara sauce for dipping
Poti-skins – potato skins loaded with melted cheese and crispy bacon, served with sour cream and chives

The Vol-patty – ¼ pound beef patty on a whole wheat bun, topped with crispy lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese and Canadian bacon, of course!
Baby Back Ribeiros – rack of tender baby-back ribs served with our zesty Joe B’s barbeque sauce and a side of coleslaw
Backstromboli – flaky, crescent shaped dough filled with your choice of traditional pizza toppings (This rolled up pizza pie will assist your hunger all day long!)
Chimerachanga – an authentic Southwest American dish, filled with chicken or beef, a Caps Café favorite
The Captain – two “8” ounce filet mignon medallions, served with your choice of Volski veggies and oven baked Poti-tos

Mama Ovie’s Borscht – if you love cabbage, you’ll love this homemade Russian delight
Puck Drop Soup – a classic served with egg-drops shaped like hockey pucks
Stanley Cup-a-Soup – soup of the day, ask your server

Lighter “Fehr”
Greenie’s Greens – a blend of crispy garden greens, tomato, low fat cheeses and our vinaigrette
Er-skinny – chopped green salad topped with grilled chicken, drizzled with light Orlov (Russian) dressing
Ward’s Wedge – one quarter head of fresh iceberg lettuce, topped with minced tomato, chopped onions, crumbled bacon and topped with light blue cheese dressing

Adam Oates Hat Trick – 3 scrumptious oatmeal cookies
The Hendricks Paralyzer – double chocolate cake with fudge icing (You won’t be able to move after eating this one!)
Locker’s Dipsy-Do – 2 scoops of ice cream dipped in your choice of hot fudge, strawberry or caramel topping (Hold it here!)

Care for a drink? Visit the Chillin’ Hillin Bar located in the center of the Caps Café. Just ask one of our net minders (bar tenders) to assist you! We have a wide variety of beverages from Schultz Malt Liquor to Brouwer’s Bubbly. All drinks are served ice cold, except for the Perreault Merlot (C’est tres bon!)

So, come face off with us at the Caps Café. We know you’ll “Laich” it, if only in your dreams.