Mike Green’s Website Owned By Someone Else Now

Posted March 18, 2013

Back when Mike Green was the leading defensive scorer in the league, he launched a website called greenlife52.com. Other Capitals also launched their own sites, including Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, and Brooks Laich. And though he’s still on Twitter at @greenlife52, his old website of the same name has been cybersquatted by a company that claims to specialize in selling ‘high-quality’ leather goods. Only, I see nothing about leather goods on that site. In fact, I can’t tell what specifically the owners of greenlife52.com are trying to achieve.

While it’s not uncommon for domain vultures to scoop up websites when hosting contracts expire, they often do so in an attempt to sell it back to the original owner for a profit, or to auction off. They may even use the domain to make money via ads on lost web surfers (like those looking for Mike Green’s actual website).

But greenlife52.com is still linked, not only by Green himself on his Twitter account as of this writing, but by the NHL on its list of player sites.

I understand that the World Wide Web is a giant sandcastle. Even on the Caps blogosphere, links to tbd.com, kingsofleonsis.com, stormingthecrease.com, liveinred.com, and other defunct sites still grace blogrolls as if they’re relevant (hint hint Caps bloggers). And I congratulate the new owners of greenlife52 for snapping up the domain for its SEO juice, even if the site itself is irrelevant to everyone else in the world. So on behalf of Caps Outsider, I kindly request that the NHL and Green himself remove the link to this site.

Of course, I’m making a huge assumption here that Mike Green has nothing to do with Maxwell Scott’s family-run business that specializes in high-quality leather goods, including briefcases, handbags, luggage and accessories.

More Player Website News!

Backstrom’s website is no longer backstrom19.com. That link suddenly stopped working. His new website is nicklasbackstrom.com. Laich’s is still at brookslaich.com.

And Ovechkin? His site, ovie8.com, has only one thing to say:


The player websites are operated by the players and their representatives, and aren’t affiliated with the teams they play for.