8 Predictions for Alex Ovechkin’s Wedding

Posted December 31, 2012

(Photo via Alex Ovechkin)

Alex Ovechkin got engaged Monday, on New Years Eve, to tennis player girlfriend Maria Kirilenko.

Of course, Ovi’s wedding likely won’t be typical. Here are eight things we imagine will happen.

8 While skating down the aisle, he’ll level Jagr

7 If there’a any doubt, Nick Backstrom will assist on the ring exchange


6 At the party, previous girlfriends will have their own table room


5 The first dance will look exactly like this

4 Party favors


3 Obviously, Ovi will front the wedding band

2 While Ovi and Maria are exchanging vows, Alex Semin’s face will look like this


1 After his first night with Maria as a married couple, he’ll do this. You know what I mean.

Congratulations, Ovi and Maria!