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Caps Kids Club Continues Despite Lockout

Posted December 19, 2012

It should come as no surprise that despite the lockout, the Washington Capitals organization needs to continue operations. This includes hosting events that involve its future fanbase – children. While coaches and alumni continue to show up to elementary schools to teach children the sport of hockey, parents can still involve their kids themselves by signing them up for the Caps Kids Club.

The $15 for the deluxe package gets each child a goodie bag, including a membership id, a pillow case (pictured), a ‘Spirit Tattoo’, and three Kettler Capitals Iceplex open skate coupons. Also included is a ‘dress-a-player-magnet’ and a yet-to-be-named bobblehead, neither of which have been shipped to yet.

There’s one more thing included – a Slapshot toothbrush holder voucher. But to get it, you must pick up from the Capitals on the 8th floor of Ballston Common Mall from 10-5, Monday-Friday (or during Caps games when the lockout ends). I’m not sure how many parents are willing to make a special trip to the mall to get a toothbrush holder for their child, so I hope the Caps reconsider and mail the item to those who can’t make it to Virginia during weekdays.

The other major question is the bobblehead. Who will it be? Because of the lockout, and the length of time it takes to manufacture bobbleheads, it’s not a surprise that the Capitals haven’t yet said who it will be. The mascot? Perhaps, but they’re already giving away a Slapshot bobblehead at the blood drive on Dec. 23 in Laurel. It’s even possible that the Capitals already had one of a current player ordered, or even manufactured, but won’t be using him due to the lockout, but they wouldn’t answer questions about it. Our guess? Something retro. Maybe coach Adam Oates from his playing days. The last player the Caps Kids Club gave out was Mike Knuble.

To sign up your child for the Caps Kids Club, check out their page and send questions to [email protected].

Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Champs Gear