Matt Hendricks Hits the Ice for “Defending the Blue Line” Game

Posted October 30, 2012

Matt Hendricks & Dustin Byfuglien represent Team Air Force, who lost to Zach Parise’s Team Army (Photo Credit: Defending the Blue Line)

While many of us in the DC area were bracing for Hurricane Sandy, Matt Hendricks was representing the Caps on the non-profit scene by taking part in Sunday‘s “Defending the Blue Line” game in Minneapolis, MN.

This is not Hendricks’ first brush with the program.  He was one of three players featured in the television ad for the organization last season, and has been regularly involved in their work for several years now.  Sunday’s game was the third such event to be hosted by DTBL since 2009.

Hendricks is one of many NHLers who are giving back while killing time until the NHL stops wallowing in the mud puddle that is its indefinite hiatus.  Throughout the league, players who haven’t taken the European Option are keeping busy by organizing and participating in charity games for both local and international causes (Blackhawks vs. The World is one notable recent example).

Defending the Blue Line itself is one of the few hockey-centric charities to gain recognition outside of the hockey community itself, having been named a finalist in the Joining Forces Community Challenge earlier this year.  They work to provide support – financial, gear-related, and logistical – for military families so that children can remain active in hockey programs while their parents serve.

For those curious about the game’s outcome, Team Army (Black Jerseys) defeated Team Air Force (Camo Jerseys) 9-7.  Over $50,000 was raised for the charity between ticket sales, auction sales, and donations.

M. Richter

M. Richter

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M. Richter