Will Oates Make New Commercials?

Posted June 26, 2012

New Jersey Devils assistant coach Adam Oates. Credit: Matt Kartozian-US Presswire

With Adam Oates coming to coach the Washington Capitals, we here at Capitals Outsider have one burning question: Will he make commercials? We don’t remember any offhand that he made when he played for Washington, but a simple Youtube search yields a couple of funny ones he made while he played for other teams. This goes to show that unlike his predecessor, Dale Hunter, Oates has a sense of humor that he’s willing to share with the masses (while Hunter’s antics were reserved for practical jokes amongst teammates).

So, the question now is whether Joe Hadeed, Thompson Creek Windows, or the Ameritel triplets are busy writing scripts for the new head coach. Because we definitely want him back in the spotlight during commercial breaks, doing these things again:

Update: Here’s the Capitals commercial he made.